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Well Drilling

New Home Construction Wells

For new home owners or builders we offer systems that will meet your needs. whether it is your first home or a summer getaway we will provide you with a system that fits your daily demand.

Irrigation Wells

In this day and age just about every piece of property has some type of land management. With all of the investment in the landscaping we need to make sure there is proper watering. We offer systems designed with that in mind. From simple front lawns to recreational areas, we offer a complete water systems that will sustain the landscaping investment. even if you have town water we can provide water to your yard without the nuisance of a water ban.

Geothermal and solar systems

  • Going green is the up and coming lifestyle. It is no different in the ground water industry. Geothermal systems provide heat or cooling using the natural temperature of the earth. This system is a alterative to fossil fuels and other forms of energy that is harmful to the planet. A new geothermal system is also beneficial to your home finances. Over the life of a geothermal system vs a traditional heating/cooling system,the Geothermal system will save you some green. 
  • A solar well system is not a new system but it is being used more and more. Its typical point of use is for places off the grid. The use of a solar water system is becoming more common in places with available electricity due to the fact that solar is high powered,low maintenance and efficient with no ongoing operating cost to the owner.

Well abandonment

We offer certified well abandonment services to any and all wells that are not in use.

Featured Testimonial

I couldn't be more pleased with the work of Shamrock Well and Pump. I found them to be extremely knowledgeable professionals who take their trade very seriously and are extremely customer-focused. It's rare to find a company like this that does such quality work at a fair and reasonable price. Thank you again to Brandon and Bo!

Brian Deschene

North Smithfield, RI
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