Well and Pump Problems? How to tell...

Posted in Learn on Jun 22, 2019

This is how you can tell what issues you are having and when you should call us.

Although well problems can't be completely diagnosed without actually physically looking at the system. There are ways to get a general idea of what the issues could be and when you should consider calling us at Shamrock Well and Pump. Here are some common symptoms and what the issue might be.

No water. You turn on the faucet and you got no water. You flip the breaker off and on again, and no such luck, you still don't have water. Chances are the water table has fallen below the pump. This could be from overuse or drought and generally happens in the spring or summer. You could wait a couple of days and hope the water table comes back up. A common solution to this could be to lower the pump further below the water table. If the pump can't be lowered any further, then a new well would need to be drilled. If the pump is already below the water table, then the issue might be with the pump and it would need to be repaired or replaced. Another issue for no water in the house could be that the pressure switch is not calling for water.

Sputtering water. You turn on your faucet and it's sputtering worse than a politician caught in a lie. This means you have air coming into the system. Could be from a crack in the pipe or a badly behaving pump. Whether it's a malfunctioning pump or cracked pipe, the system would need to be pulled to find the issue and correct it.

Got water, but it's cloudy or muddy. Usually this means the pump is pulling water with higher levels of silt and sand from a low level and can be sign of your water table lowering. It can also mean that your pump is beginning to fail and can no longer filter out the silt before it makes it to the top. The longer the pump pulls on silt or salt filled water the more damage it can cause to the pump. This should be remedied as soon as a problem is discovered.

Utility bill is high! This could be an indication that your pump is constantly running. It could be a problem with the pressure switch, the water is too low, or a problem with the pump.

Yucky water taste or smell. If your water tastes or smells a little funky or bad, you could be dealing with corroded plumbing pipes or most likely you have a water based issue caused by silt, sand, bacteria, or decaying organic material contaminating the well. Although it's not always dangerous, it should be tested by a certified lab to find out what is causing the unpleasant tastes and/or odors.

Regardless of what issues you might be facing, Shamrock Well and Pump has the experience and equipment to fix all of your water issues and help you make the right decisions if replacing your system is needed.



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Bo and Joel arrived on time and had to dig a lot on a very hot day. They were terrific! The frackers arrived early the next morning and got their work done quickly. Then Bo and Joel came back and finished the job an hour earlier than they estimated. The well works many times better than before! I highly recommend them to take care of any well problems. Thanks to both of them and also Brandon who took my initial call and spent about half an hour understanding my problem then recommending the solution and then scheduling the work. This is a great team to work with.

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